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Noughts & Crosses Hire
Noughts & Crosses Table Hire

Noughts & Crosses
Price £50.00

(1-2 Day Hire)

Our ever-popular rustic giant table version of this timeless classic. 

A two player game played in a three x three grid, in which players take it in turns to place their respective symbol (either a nought or a cross) in a cell of the grid, the objective being to form a row, column or diagonal of three of one's own symbol.

UGH L1_edited.png

If you have any questions or would like to hire our Giant Noughts and Crosses Table, talk to our team today. You can either use the following details or complete the form on our contact us page.



Delivery Locations:
Delivery areas are Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset, Bristol, Avon, South Wales, Gloucester, Birmingham. Further Nationwide delivery is available please ask for details.


Minimum order Value and delivery fees apply to all locations.

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